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The LoneStar Guarantee

  • All boards will be free of ELECTRICAL and COSMETIC defects upon arrival

  • THEY are guaranteed to work for at least 6 months from the date they were shipped.

  • In the very unlikely event ANY BOARD SHOULD ARRIVE DOA,  you should notify me within 1 week. 

  • THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS guarantee IS IF THE BOARD has been OBVIOUSLY electrically over stressed in some way by the CUSTOMER.  ( let out the Magic SMOKE )

  • ALSO MODIFICATIONS TO THE BOARD invalidate this guarantee. I.E. addition of OLED screen or addition of SMA connector on SIMPLEX board.
    Of course you are free to make these modifications.   It is your board.  I just cannot be responsible for damage done in the process.    Believe me some people have used a blow torch for this job. 
    PLEASE:  Make sure the board is completely working properly before attempting any of these modifications. 
    NOTE:   If you are having issues getting the board to work.  Please DO NOT try to resolve this by updating the firmware.   The board was working when it left TEXAS with the firmware it has on board.  Updating a board that appears to not be working only adds one more variable to the troubleshooting proces

I am extremely lienient on returns.    If you have an issue please contact me via Email first.    I will try to resolve the issue through email first.   If after a few exchanges we're unable to resolve the issue I will ask you to mail the board back to me.   Once I have the board back,  i will evalute it.   If there is an issue,  I will most likely send you a brand new board.   If there is an obvious problem like a cold solder joint,  I will repair that and return the same board. 

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