This is a USB version of the standard MMDVM simplex board.    With this you can plug it directly into your Laptop and operate using only your handheld radio and BlueDV running on the laptop.    It can also be plugged into a raspberry PI and used just like a standard Simplex MMDVM hat.  

This small device uses an onboard ceramic antenna so there are no external parts that can be snapped off or broken.     Range and function are idential to a PiZero size Simplex hat.  


This is a standard mmdvm device.   It does not contain an AMBE encoder and you can not use this to make your laptop into a digital radio.    This together with a PC or a PI will give you a simplex hotspot.


  • Documentation on N5BOC.COM

International Shipments:
Due to COVID-19 , international shipments are seeing delays as they pass through customs.   Shipments that normally take 15 days can presently take as much as 10 weeks.  But this is the exception.   The average time appears to be around 4 weeks right now.    But please don't become discouraged if your shipment takes much longer.   

Thanks:  David