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This product is on hold,  because I cannot procure components from DVSI without placing a VERY LARGE minimum order.    They have to be absolutley the most difficult company I've ever dealt with. 

This is an AMBE encoder.  With this you can communicate on the DMRD-Star,  and Fusion digital networks, all strait from your computer.    This can be done using free software such as BlueDV or DudeStar
It can also be paired with a raspberry pi to work as an AMBE server. ( details to follow soon )

This uses standard FTDI drivers which are already included as a part of Windows 7 and beyond.
If you want to or need to download the drivers they can be found on the FTDI site

For conveince,  this modules interfaces using USB-C.   No longer will have to worry about plugging it in upside down.   If you need a standard USB to USB-C cable you can purchase one here on Amazon.  ( sorry you will still have to correctly plug in the PC side )



Out of Stock
  • I am sorry to say this product is on hold because I cannot procure AMBE chips from DVSI.

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