This product is on hold,  because I cannot procure components from DVSI without placing a VERY LARGE minimum order.    They have to be absolutley the most difficult company I've ever dealt with. 

This is an AMBE encoder.  With this you can communicate on the DMRD-Star,  and Fusion digital networks, all strait from your computer.    This can be done using free software such as BlueDV or DudeStar
It can also be paired with a raspberry pi to work as an AMBE server. ( details to follow soon )

This uses standard FTDI drivers which are already included as a part of Windows 7 and beyond.
If you want to or need to download the drivers they can be found on the FTDI site

For conveince,  this modules interfaces using USB-C.   No longer will have to worry about plugging it in upside down.   If you need a standard USB to USB-C cable you can purchase one here on Amazon.  ( sorry you will still have to correctly plug in the PC side )



  • I am sorry to say this product is on hold because I cannot procure AMBE chips from DVSI.

International Shipments:
Due to COVID-19 , international shipments are seeing delays as they pass through customs.   Shipments that normally take 15 days can presently take as much as 10 weeks.  But this is the exception.   The average time appears to be around 4 weeks right now.    But please don't become discouraged if your shipment takes much longer.   

Thanks:  David