I am setting this up to show OUT OF STOCK for now.    I am waiting on chips from DVSI to build more.  They say delievery is 4 weeks out.   So I don't want to have too many people waiting on their order  to ship.    Please check back in about a week to 10 days,  and I'll try to update this status.

This is an AMBE encoder.  With this you can communicate on the DMRD-Star,  and Fusion digital networks, all strait from your computer.    This can be done using free software such as BlueDV or DudeStar
It can also be paired with a raspberry pi to work as an AMBE server. ( details to follow soon )

This uses standard FTDI drivers which are already included as a part of Windows 7 and beyond.
If you want to or need to download the drivers they can be found on the FTDI site

For conveince,  this modules interfaces using USB-C.   No longer will have to worry about plugging it in upside down.   If you need a standard USB to USB-C cable you can purchase one here on Amazon.  ( sorry you will still have to correctly plug in the PC side )


  • During this initial release phase,  I have only a few of these built up and ready to ship.   I will take back orders on these initially. ( something I have avoided in the past )   Once the volume picks up on these I should be able to keep them in stock for imediate shipment. 

    So initially please allow 4 weeks for delivery. 

    ​​​​​​​The system will show these as "IN STOCK", because this is the only way I can take orders. 

    • Current Draw :  150mA on boot and while active,  60mA while idle,  ( BlueDV not running )
    • Baud Rate : 460800 Baud
    • InterfaceUSB-C  ( backward compatible with standard USB )
    • Dimensions: 59mm x 100mm x 11mm  ( 2.323 x 3.937 x 0.433 in )
    • Software Driver:   FTDI virtual COM port driver
                                 ( appears as 2 COM ports but only the 1st one is used by the software )