MMDVM Duplex

   COVID-19 UPDATE:   
Like many companies,  my supply chain has been interupted by issues associated with COVID-19.   The good news is this is actually already getting better as companies figure out hot to mange in this enviroment.   The DUPLEX board is temporarily out of stock but I am expecting more to be here by the 3rd week in April.  I will update this section as that date gets closer.     If you are interested in the SIMPLEX board there is no issue with the supply of that board.  Please head over to that page on the site to place your order there.   

Thanks so much for your support during this time that is difficult for all of us.  

This is a Duplex Multiple Mode Digital Voice Modem in a Raspberry Pi Zero HAT form factor. While there are other versions of this type of Duplex board on the market this is the ONLY one which keeps the Pi Zero form factor that has become so popular. This will enable you to keep the portability of the MMDVM_HS_HAT while at the same time allows you to enjoy the benefits of a DUPLEX board. For DMR this means it can have QSO's happening on both time slots.

Note: The photos show the board with u.fl connectors installed.   These are a user installed option.   The pads are there but it is up to the customer to install these connectors. 

Questions? :   Please follow the link in the DOCUMENTATION section.


    All the features of a duplex board without having to sacrifice the convenience of the Pi Zero form factor


    All products are garunteed for 6 months from the date shipped.
    I'm very lenient on returns.    If you have an issue please contact me and I will do my best to resolve your issue by Email.   If after a few exchanges the problem is still not resolved I will ask you to return the board to me where I will either repair the board or replace it.    If you feel your board is DOA then you must contact me within 14 days.   I will still ask you to return it but if I verify it is DOA I will replace it with a new one. ( As long as I have an inventory on hand )

    There is one condition:
    Once you have soldered on the board I reserve the right to possibly not replace the board instead I will only repair a board which has been soldered.   Therefore I recomend verifying it is in good working order before adding an OLED or Nextion screen.  

  • Documentation

    More technical details and setup information can be found here...