This is a module to interface to MMDVM hotspot modems which replaces the Raspberry Pi and allows you to connect your modem to BlueDV running on your iPHONE or PC via either USB or BlueTooth LE.  

With this board, you open up many options on how you can use your MMDVM modem. 


The primary option is to run BlueDV on the PC and connect to the MMDVM modem via USB.
See it in operation here...

Second option is you can run BlueDV on your iPhone ( Android version still in development ) and connect it to the MMDVM modem via Bluetooth Low Energy.   No pairing required.   You only need power from a phone charger of phone power bank.

With BlueDV you can easily see on your phone all the details you might normally see on an OLED screen when running Pi-Star or on the PiStar Dashboard.

And yet another option is this device allows you to connect your MMDVM modem to a Raspberry Pi using the USB connection on the PI and then run Pi-Star.

MMDVM USB & Bluetooth LE adapter

Phone OS version
  • I have not been promoting this product because I am not satisfied with how well the BLUETOOTH works with the mobile software.   The hardware works perfectly.  But there is a lot of packet loss when using it with a phone.   Therefore the operation isn't up to the standard I feel acceptable. 

    If you are interested in using the USB aspect of the board this is a not an issue.   The PC and PI software PERFECTLY and there is no packet loss.  This is how I have mine setup in my station.  It is connected to a PI via USB and I'm using it with Pi-Star in this configuration. 

    If you are interested in this board for this type of application please contact me and I'll be happy to sell you one.   

International Shipments:
Due to COVID-19 , international shipments are seeing delays as they pass through customs.   Shipments that normally take 15 days can presently take as much as 10 weeks.  But this is the exception.   The average time appears to be around 4 weeks right now.    But please don't become discouraged if your shipment takes much longer.   

Thanks:  David